This moment calls for mass resistance to the fossil fuel status quo. On September 28th we will converge in Bow to remove the fuel from the fires of climate catastrophe - even if we have to do it bucket by bucket.

Friday, September 27

Those pledging to take part in direct action on Saturday should plan to join us Friday night for final preparations. If some members of an affinity group aren’t able to arrive Friday, that’s OK, but most or all affinity group members should be present. Please email us at if you are not able to join us Friday.

If you’re joining us Friday, be prepared to sleep on a church floor (or if needed we can find you a bed) and bring whatever gear necessary for that. All are encouraged to bring a potluck dish so we can share a meal together on Friday. Breakfast will be provided Saturday morning.

Location: Concord Unitarian Universalist Church, 274 Pleasant St, Concord, NH.

5:00PM - Potluck Dinner

6:00PM - Training & Action Prep

10:00PM - Action Prep Finished

Saturday, September 28

Those who are not risking arrest can arrive on Saturday morning. We will urge the operators of the plant to shut it down, and bear witness to those taking more escalated action. If you are coming for the rally portion of Saturday, please bring your own lunch.

Location: 479 River Road, Bow, NH - Park on the west side (the southbound side) of the road south of the plant gate. Gather at the softball field across from the plant entrance.

11:00AM - Arrival for March and Rally

12 Noon - March, Rally and Action at Merrimack Station!

2:00PM - Return Home or join Jail Support team if needed


More Questions?

If you have already pledged to resist coal power in New England on September 28th you’ll be getting more emails and information from the coordinators over the next few weeks, and invitations to join weekly informational conference calls. You can also visit out Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.