Frequently Asked Questions

And the answers!

Will there be a direct action? What will it look like?

Yes! It’s time we take responsibility into our own hands. The direct action will be a serious and methodical, iconic and beautiful effort to remove the fuel from the climate fires in ways both symbolic and substantive in our campaign to shut this coal plant down. Be sure to have pledged to resist, find out more by joining our weekly mass calls and we’ll have it all on lockdown Friday the 27th.  Fill out this form.

Can I participate without risking arrest?

Yes! There will be a march and rally to the plant that everyone can participate in - exercising our first amendment rights to demand that this plant be shut down. Assemble at the softball field across from the plant entrance. Park on the southbound side (the west side) of River Road to the south of the coal plant gates.

If you want to take on a support role of any kind (marshaling, transport, medics, social media and more!) please join us on Friday as well, and fill out this form.

Are there action agreements?

Yes there will be action agreements, which we will agree to on Friday night.

Are you all arranging lawyers and other legal support?

Yes. We have a number of New Hampshire lawyers, and others from further afield, who are willing and able to help. We also have a number of activists who are very experienced in helping others navigate the legal process, should it come to that. We are prepared to raise bail funds and provide other forms of legal support until everyone is in the clear.

What are the legal risks of this direct action?

We anticipate that any charges that could come from taking action will be misdemeanors. But there is a range of possibilities with different uncertainties for each. A full legal briefing will be provided Friday night the 27th. Direct action should never be taken lightly, but we know that the continued operation of this plant is 100% certain if we do not take action.

What do I need to bring with me?

If you are staying overnight on Friday, be sure to bring whatever you need to be comfortable and sleep: a sleeping pad, sleeping bag or blankets, toiletries etc.

If you’re coming Friday, come at 5pm and bring a potluck dish!

If you are coming for direct action bring:

Close toed shoes that have good traction on rough terrain

Long pants

Warm layers

Small backpack or other hands-free bag for snack and water

Water bottle

If you need prescription medications, bring them in their original prescription bottle only.

White 5 gallon buckets and a shovel if you have them (click for more information)

Do NOT bring any weapons or items that could be construed as weapons, including pocket knives.

If you are coming for the rally:

Lunch and snacks

Your strike week signs, climate art and your group’s banner.

If you want to make signs, use themes like “Remove the Fuel from the Fire” and include #BucketByBucket #CloseBow

Warm layers


If you need to sit at a long rally, bring a chair you can carry

Where do I meet?

We are asking those taking direct action to gather Friday night at the Concord Unitarian Universalist Church, 274 Pleasant St, Concord, NH 03301

Do I need to arrive Friday night? 

We are asking all who are participating in the direct action portion of Saturday to arrive Friday for action preparation, legal briefing etc. If you are not able to be present Friday night, we hope that other members of your affinity group will be present and can get you up to speed Saturday morning. If you can’t arrive Friday night, please email us.

Folks who are not planning on risking arrest on Saturday are welcome to join us Friday night in solidarity, but it is not necessary. Though! If you are interested in volunteering Saturday in some capacity (and we will certainly be needing folks to take on roles like marshaling etc) we’d welcome you to join us. Fill out this form if you want to volunteer and/or if you are coming Friday. 

What is an affinity group? Do I need one?

Affinity groups are a way to build more resilient and transformative actions. We’re encouraging everyone to form an affinity group, but if you don’t have one that’s OK, just come on Friday evening. You can find out more about affinity groups here.

Will there be housing for Friday night? 

Yes! We are able to stay at 2 area churches, AND we have local folks who are volunteering housing for those who require beds. If you are coming from out of town and need a place to stay we ask that if you are physically able, to stay in the churches. If you need other arrangements please fill out the google form. Of course if you live nearby, there’s no reason not to have a night in your own bed unless you’re looking for more adventure.

Will there be food Friday night?

Yes! We are asking folks if they are able to bring a potluck dish for a shared meal on Friday evening. And if you aren’t able to bring a dish we’ll be sure there’s enough food for everyone. We will also be providing breakfast to folks staying overnight. If you coming Friday night please bring snack for yourself for the day on Saturday.

Is there an art-build happening? 

There’s going to be an art-build on the Seacoast on Wednesday. Stay tuned for more info. If you want to make some art, use themes like “Remove the Fuel from the Fire”. You can find the #BucketByBucket logo HERE. And use #CloseBow #BucketByBucket #ClimateStrike!

Where do I park?

If you’re coming to the rally only on Saturday, you’ll park on the southbound side (west side) of River Road south of the plant entrance gate.

If you are planning on taking part in the direct action, you’ll be parking at the church and we’ll be working out Saturday parking on Friday night.

Where is the rally happening?

On Saturday we will rally at the gates of Merrimack Station. We will gather in the softball field across the street from the plant at 11AM.

Where are people coming from? 

People are coming from New Hampshire, and all over New England! Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and maybe even Connecticut….

I need a ride or I can offer a ride! Can you help? 

Yes! An activist from Maine has put together a website for carpools.

Is there a bus coming from Vermont?

Unfortunately the Vermont bus was canceled. But there is a Greyhound bus from Vermont that stops in Concord. It departs Burlington at 10:50am, Montpelier at 12:25pm, White River Jct at 1:55pm and arriving in Concord at 3:20pm. Just in time!

What are the public transportation options?

Yes, there is a bus station in Concord with frequent service from Boston. From the Boston area, use Concord Coach. From the I-89 corridor in Vermont, use Greyhound. The bus station in Concord is only 2.4 miles from the church if you want to walk. Or email us and we can get you a ride when your bus comes in.

What is going to happen with the coal?

September 28th is not the only day our community of climate activists is going to be standing up against the burning of coal and those in power who continue to subsidize it. When we leave on the 28th we will be sending those buckets home with artists, action planners and local activists across the region to creatively build the movement to end coal. How can you imagine putting it to use? In visits to legislators and regulators? Visits to editorial boards? In powerful public ceremony? Or street theater? 

That sounds like this is an ongoing campaign, is it?

Yes. We cannot shut down Merrimack station with a single-day one-off action. It will require a campaign. This campaign will include continued escalated direct action and utilizing our buckets of coal to broaden the movement. This is one of the reasons that we are asking folks to form affinity groups for this action, and we hope that your affinity group will be part of this work going forward.

Will there be childcare available on the 28th?

Yes! Please sign up on the google form. Let us know if you also need childcare on the 27th.

What is the timing of the rally? 

Check out our schedule page for all the timing information.

Why the Bow power plant? 

We need to be taking existing fossil fuel infrastructure off-line. The Merrimack generating station is the last remaining big coal plant in New England without a shutdown date. The Bridgeport (CT) station is slated to close in 2021, and Schiller (NH) is ¼ of the size of Bow. So this is the last big one. The existence of coal on the grid in New England continues to be an excuse for the expansion of fracked gas power. It’s time for us to take this excuse away, and then set our sights on the gas problem.

What can I do to help? 

The best thing that you can do is to Have some ideas about how you can help out? Let us know on FORM HERE